Each member of Akatsuki wears a special on a specific finger, to denote membership into their ranks. Each member is highly protective of his/her ring (when Deidara's arm was blown off, he cared more about the ring than the actual arm.) The rings all hold a similar theme1. Pain's Ring - Symbol: 零 (Means "zero" or "nothing") - Ring position: Right thumb - Color: (Unknown)2. Deidara's Ring (image) - Name: 青龍 = Seiryu, the Azure Dragon - Symbol: 青 (Means "blue" or "green") - Ring position: Right index finger - Color: Teal3. Konan's Ring - Name: 白虎 = Byakko, the White Tiger - Symbol: 白 (Means "white") - Ring position: Right middle finger - Color: (White, judging from ring name, but otherwise unknown)4. Itachi Uchiha's Ring (image) - Name: 朱雀 = Suzaku, the Vermillion Bird - Symbol: 朱 (Means "scarlet" or "bloody") - Ring position: Right ring finger - Color: Red5. Zetsu's Ring - Name: 玄武 = Genbu, the Black Tortoise - Symbol: 亥 (Means "boar" or "pig". This is actually an error due to accidental mistranslation or author's mistake, since the symbol is actually supposed to be 玄, Gen, which means "mysteriousness". But unless the author notices and correct the mistake, it is boar.) - Ring position: Right little/pinky finger - Color: (Black, guessing from ring name, but otherwise unknown.)6. Sasori of the Red Sand/Tobi's Ring (image) - Name: 玉女 = Gyokunyo, the Virgin - Symbol: 玉 (Means "jewel" or "ball", also the king in Shogi) - Ring position: Left thumb - Color: Purple7. Hidan's Ring - Name: 三台 = Santai, Three Levels - Symbol: 三 (Means "three") - Ring position: Left index finger - Color: (Unknown)8. Kakuzu's Ring - Name: 北斗 = Hokuto, the Northern Star - Symbol: 北 (Means "north") - Ring position: Left middle finger - Color: (Unknown)9. Kisame Hoshigaki's Ring (image) - Name: 南斗 = Nanju, the Southern Star - Symbol: 南 (Means "south") - Ring position: Left ring finger - Color: Yellow10. Orochimaru's Ring (image) - Name: 空陳 = Kuchin, the Void - Symbol: 空 (Means "sky") - Ring position: Left little/pinky finger - Color: Light BlueRing Facts:Every ring in Akatsuki, excepting Pain's ring, has an astrological or mythological connotation in Japan. Konan, Itachi Uchiha, Deidara, and Zetsu's rings are named after four Japanese mythological beasts (Byakko, Suzaku, Seiryū and Genbu), and these four are also heard to represent the four corners of the world in Japanese mythology (Byakko of the West, Suzaku of the South, Seiryu of the East, and Genbu of the North).Kakuzu, Kisame Hoshigaki, and Orochimaru's rings all have mainly astrological meanings (The Northern Star, the Southern Star, and the sky).Hidan's ring is also another constellation and its meaning, "three", is a lucky number in Japanese society, which, although it isn't luck, can be attributed to Hidan's immortality.Sasori's ring (and currently Tobi's) is a bit interesting. Its literal meaning, the Virgin, is a constellation (Virgo, the Virgin) but one of the other meanings it has, "the king in Shogi (Japanese chess)" plays into the fact that after Tobi acquired Sasori's ring, he was revealed to be the hidden leader of Akatsuki, therefore the "king".Pain's ring is a bit of a mystery. A best guess of why his ring is "nothing" is because he shows no emotion, evident in the fact that he utterly annihilates anyone and anything in his path and shows